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J.D. (Jim) Connolly, P.Eng President
Electrical Power Graduate of Technical University of Nova Scotia. Various associations since 1970: Nova Scotia Light and Power 1970-1973, D.C. Keddy Ltd (Engineering Sales) 1973-1986, D.C. Keddy Ltd (President) 1986-1991, J.D. Connolly Agencies 1991-1994, Charlton & Connolly Inc 1994 to present.

Jack Connolly, P.Eng
Electrical Power Graduate of Technical University of Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia Power Corporation 1974-2003. Distribution Protection 1974-1980, Substation Design 1980-1982, Combustion Turbine Plant Engineer, Burnside 1982-2002, Maintenance Engineer, Tufts Cove Generating Plant, 2002-2003, Charlton & Connolly Inc 2003 to present.

R.S.(Dick) Charlton, P.Eng, C.Eng, M.I.E.E.
Various associations since 1956: Reyrolle Switchgear (UK) North Eastern Electricity Board (UK), East African Power and Lighting, Nairobi, Kenya, and Nova Scotia Power Corporation. D.C.Keddy Ltd (Utility Sales Manager) 1985-1991, Felco Electric Sales (VP) 1991-1994, Charlton & Connolly 1994 to present.

Left to Right: Jack Connolly, Jim Connolly, Dick Charlton


Associated since 1985, Dick Charlton and Jim Connolly subsequently established and later incorporated Charlton & Connolly as Manufacturer’s Agents to the electrical utility industry in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. Their Agency, now well established, has been recently complemented by the addition of Jack Connolly. All staff are Professional Engineers, all previously employed in the utility industry. The Charlton & Connolly office is situated in fine offices on 11 Thornhill Drive, Burnside Industrial Park, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Customer Rapport

Over recent years, with the privatization of many electrical utilities, together with the high levels of utility staff attrition, early retirement and the ubiquitous staff downsizing, the remaining utility engineers have come to rely more and more on their most dependable and knowledgeable representative contacts, both for product information and for general assistance. The staff of Charlton & Connolly have long recognized this and have built on such rapport, establishing their position and serving the customer with diligence, commitment and reliability.

Do you need an Agent in this region?

With this overall re-shaping of business, the concept of a front line agent meeting regularly face to face with the customer is a sound one, particularly in the less populated regions of Canada. And with the rapid advances in communication, Charlton & Connolly are accessible essentially at all times, via personal Blackberry. If we can serve you in any way, please call 902-468-4388 or email for further information: